Creating awareness about consumption volume in the current food culture

by Rosaline van der Horst

How can awareness of consumption volume be influenced by changing the experience of eating?

Void | Onderzoekslab

In the near future, the effects of climate change will take its toll on global food production. If we envision a future with greater food shortages, we must ask ourselves how we can adjust our own appetite and lifestyle in the present. Within the current food culture, a meal is often eaten too quickly, thoughtlessly. We tend to overeat and eat the amount of food that is visually in front of us on the plate. Our brain and sense of sight together register the amount of food we consume.

The Critical Design project TRICKING APPETITE, consisting of a number of prototypes of tableware and cutlery, creates awareness about the consumption volume. The aim is to influence eating behavior and eating culture. By adding inedible elements to the plate, changing the perception of quantity, and making it more difficult to eat, you will eat more carefully. The color blue causes a reduction in appetite, resulting in the appetite being tricked.