Scent is one of the most ancient and powerful sensors we can use to interact with the world. It‘s deeply rooted and directly connected with our emotions and memories. Furthermore, it provokes a far more direct response than sound or vision. Despite its powers, scent is mostly overlooked in the process of media and communication design.

CMD Breda – an applied university for media and interaction design - has started the Sense of Smellresearch project as part of the European cross-border network VIVID. The project focuses on investigating how smell can be used for communication. With Sense of Smell, CMD Breda is entering a relatively unexplored area of ​​research that only recently started to attract attention from both industry and science. Sense of Smell is a cross-fertilization of research, engineering, communication and business with the aim of achieving innovative insights, products and servicesthrough the use of smell.

Sense of Smell is an international co-creation and research project designed by CMD Breda for VIVID. Within this project, teachers and students explore this amazing world of the possibilities of scent. The aimis to rethink and prototype the possibilities of scent for strategic communication, way finding, storytelling, interaction and media design.

Sense of smell is on-going and is currently developing prototypes for interactive installations, sensual experiences and immersive events. All research and development will be documented and will be published in a book of ideas, concepts and engaging new thoughts on the subject of smell. This book will be an anthology of "the state of the art" in thinking and products in the field of smell and odor technology. The book will show the current and future potential of smell as communication in the broadest sense of the word: from ground-breaking mind experiments, toproducts and services that we could achieve today.  It will show us a landscape of possibilities and design space that is still untapped. It will contain information in text, image and smell, and will also include a digital supplement with additional information and content

The book of ideas will be presented at an international event at Cambridge University by the end of january 2014.

          The team

  • Art Director | Marcel van Brakel
  • Research & Development | Frederik Duerinck, Gé Smit, Wander Eikelboom
  • Student assistants | Daan Rijnkels, Edwin Kuipers, Maarten Oerlemans, Selwyn Haaren

For a fieldtrip with students to Berlin researchers/makers Gé Smit, Marcel van Brakel en Frederik Duerinck made a mildly absurd trailer to kickoff their project. Enjoy!