It is not easy to explain complex issues. For instance the banking crisis, or the health risks caused by a nuclear disaster. Turning a seemingly tedious table of information into a compelling story can be quite a challenge. In each assignment your main goal is to translate complex or inaccessible data into understandable information that offers insights or tells a story. You will need to adjust your chosen medium and form to the information needs and skills of the target audiences.
In the Visualizing Information minor you will have five months to experiment, learn, investigate, test, and expand your visualizing skills while creating infographics. We will focus on print, info-animation, physical and interactive infographics. The level of complexity will gradually increase, and more and more layers of information will be required.
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Below you find a selection of studentwork from 2012 till 2013. In the minor Visualizing Information skills are not only trained in 2D but also 3D and in a dynamic form. Hence the installation and the screengrab from the airport and the weather you see here.
a 3D visualizing concept