You Ain't Shit but a Fucking Millionaire.

"an autonomous art project created by: Thompson Graham Dubé"


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You Ain't Shit but a Fucking Millionaire

The opus magnum of an academic four year battle to do my way. The you ain’t Shit but a Fucking Millionaire project. A project about “not playing by the rules”. The You ain’t Shit but a Fucking Millionaire project is an autonomous graduation project not shaped by any other rules than my own. A free overture of all the skills I posses, not conforming myself to the rigid rules and regulations of design, academic institutions or opinions formed by others.
During my four year education at the Academy for Media and User Experience I developed my own style. An valuable asset that defines the rest of my career. A style that is very much my own. Create by a lot of long nights, a lot of hard work, a lot of experimenting and discipline. Not only my work has this distinct style but also the way I implement it to create. Style is not only defined by how something looks but also how it’s created. Individual style is a direct outcome of how your brain processes information and how it twists it into new thoughts. You can train your brain to do this. And so I did. Individual style is an illusive beast. It’s a combination of two very important pieces of the puzzle: your “design process” and the “visual outcome”. Your design process influences the visual outcome. But the design process is influenced by how much you can make your brain individualize your thoughts, and the visual outcome is influenced by your ability to created images that reflect those individualized thoughts of the design process. Individual style is all about not playing by the rules. “Rules are for people
that don’t know how to make there own”. If you don’t make your own rules you’ll never achieve anything that comes even close to individual style, because you are following rules that others made for you. Not making your own choices, just conforming to what society thinks is best for you. In order to create individual style you must do it your way. Not conforming to what anybody says about it, not conforming for better grades, not conforming so that other people think your work looks looks good. You have to be a rebel. You have to stand up against opinions you do not believe in. Make your own rules. Don’t want to be understood. Generate your own success by doing what you want to do. Society tries to segregate us into definable categories. So does education. You are educated to be “something” with a title. The Academy for Media and User Experience is no exception. Even graduation projects are defined into four categories; Multi Media Design, Interaction Design, Creative Technology and Interaction Strategy. These categories are the fields you can specialize in during the your education at the academy. But what if you do not choose to nest yourself securely into one of these groups?
I made the choise not to belong to any of these categories. My plan for graduation was showing my individual style that I developed during my education. An exhibition of autonomous, self created work. Work that was not definable by the categories that the institution of AVANS wanted to define me in. I don’t want to be defined. I chose the path of the outlaw.
The first thoughts put on paper by me about my graduation project make a powerful statement on why I chose to do it my way; “What is the future of individual style in Multi Media design? And what will be my future? The future is composed by achievements from the past. You only grow when you; try to stretch the limits, always reinvent yourself, be bold, never compromise, try everything, be the best you can be, and last but not least: keep it simple stupid!
I am not an Information Designer
I am not an Interaction Designer
I am not a Web Designer
I am not a Typographer
I am not an Illustrator
I am not a Designer
I am not a Musician
I am an Omnivore
I am a Lone Wolf
I am a Thinker
I am a Rebel
I am a Purist
I am Me
I am a Millionaire
You ain’t Shit but a Fucking Millionaire is a search for the answer to the two questions I’ve asked myself: “What is the future of individual style in Multi Media design? And what will be my future?” Using technology as a vehicle to stay between the narrow lines of the accepted while overruling the system. I wanted my graduation project to be free, unrestricted and challenging. A blend of everything I am. Not profiling myself as one of the nonsense categories stated above. Not conforming and staying true to what I am. A versatile blend of everything I’ve learned. Not scared to explore the unknown, face failure, embrace success, tell a story, sell a lot of bullshit, disagree, start a fight, say the truth and never compromise. You ain’t Shit but a Fucking Millionaire is my vision on individual style in Multimedia Design. Individual style is not defined by skill but by versatility. This project is
about being versatile and being a Fucking Millionaire.”